Exonerated Nation is a non-profit organization that offers exonerees a variety of support services so that they may successfully transition to life outside of prison and reintegrate back into society.
Exonerated Nation is a non-pro t organization that provides a variety of much needed services to offer those who have been exonerated the support they need to transition to life outside of prison, reintegrate into society and, as a result, reduce recidivism.

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This teenager spent over 700 days in solitary confinement after being accused of stealing a backpack. Tune-in Wed at 10/9c on Spike

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Check out the Wrongful Conviction video trailer featuring guests Richard Rosario, Sunny Jacobs, Peter Pringle, Barry Gibbs, Keith Allen Harward and our host Jason Flom. Hear their stories at bit.ly/2g1G25S

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Juan Rivera spent 20 years in prison wrongfully convicted for a crime he didn't commit before being exonerated and receiving a $20 million settlement. Here he sits in a Barbers college he is launching in Glenwood, IL with Bill Ryan, during an interview for our upcoming documentary on elderly prisoners. You can read more about Juan and his struggle here: www.chicagotribune.com/suburbs/lake-county-news-sun/crime/ct-rivera-lawsuit-settlement-met-201503...

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